Contact Information

   Township Office:  

        23045 21 Mile Road

        Olivet, MI 49076

   Office Phone:  (269) 749-9292

        FAX: (269) 749-9272

   Township Supervisor 

Brad Shrontz

       Phone:  (269) 317-7459


Office Hours: By Appointment


   Township Clerk

Samantha VanDorsten

        Phone:  (269) 749-9292


        Office Hours: Mondays 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., or by Appointment

   Township Treasurer

Melanie Piepkow


        Phone:  (517) 543-6784

        Office Hours: By Appointment

   Township Trustee

Charles Letts

Phone:  (269) 579-1413

Office Hours: By Appointment

   Township Trustee

Casey Hall

Phone:  (269) 317-2790

Office Hours: By Appointment

   Township Hall Rental

      MaryAnn Churchill 

      Phone: (269) 209-4610

   Township Assessor

Roger Smith

Phone: (269) 967-6473

Office Hours: By Appointment

     Township Zoning Administrator

     Township Building Inspector

        Frank Ballard

        (269) 209-2094

        Office Hours: By Appointment

     Township Electrical Inspector

       Casey Hall

       (269) 317-2790

     Township Mechanical Inspector

        Steve Buller



     Township Plumbing Inspector

       Randy Bushee


    Planning Commission Board Members

       Doug Mathewson - Chair

       Tim Hauxwell - Secretary 

       Martin Beattie

       Travis Piepkow

       Brad Shrontz - Twp Board Rep

   Board of Review Members

       Bill Wesley - Chair

       Casey Hall

       Josh Stults


    Zoning Board of Appeals

      Andrew Minor

      Travis Piepkow

      Dickie Sweet



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